Spotlight on Mos Mosh & its' Beautiful Prints

Spotlight on Mos Mosh & its' Beautiful Prints

If you've never heard of Mos Mosh then let's get you up to speed on the brand.  Founded by Kim Hyldahl and named after his idol Kate Moss, Mos Mosh started up in 2010.  It is Danish with a focus on denim jeans, tailored suits and increasingly on gorgeous prints.

Mos Mosh is new to Petersfield, where it has received a good reception.  The ladies in the know are so pleased that we sell it in our boutique.  Thanks to the drive of the UK agents, the brands reputation for high quality, well thought out unique designs at a mid price point, Mos Mosh recently won the 2018 Drapers Independent Award for Womenswear Brand of the Year.

This Spring they have released beautiful prints and we have many of them in our boutique.  There is the Palma Vita Ultramarine print in the form of a loose fitting V-Neck blouse and the Blance Lily shirt in Rose (pictured); both which can be worn with denim or trousers.  

The new denim we have is across Indigo Blue, Soft Lemon and Rose Flower prints, all with a certain uniqueness to them, e.g. zips or embroidered detail on hemlines and pockets.  We also still stock the plain coloured standard denim jeans for those of you who prefer that look.

 All Mos Mosh jeans have a bit of stretch in them and are super comfortable, plus they wash well!

Many of the fabrics they choose are viscose, or linen or cotton.  There is also Lyocell which is not very well known however it is made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp. 

Ultimately you look distinctive when you wear Mos Mosh, so if you'd like to take a closer look, then come in and see us!


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