Tradeshows...Top Tips for Fashion Buyers!

Tradeshows...Top Tips for Fashion Buyers!

It's that time of year again when all Buyers attend Tradeshows.  If you plan them in the right way, you will walk away with great brands in your shopping basket!

It has not yet been a year in trading for us but we have still learnt a lot!  So we would like to share our top tips with you which we hope you find useful; especially if you are first time Buyers at a tradeshow!  If you are a Customer then this gives you an insight into what us Buyers get up to behind the scenes!

Tradeshow Buying


1.  Plan and research which brands you would like to see before you attend the tradeshow, otherwise you could end up wandering around aimlessly.  If possible contact them beforehand to ask them any key questions.

2.  Review your budget.  How much do you want to spend?

3.  You can always buy alone.  It is always nice though to take a friend or colleague for company but be careful that they do not distract you into buying clothes which may not appeal to your customers.  

4.  Plan how many days you will spend there, how you will get there and where you can park, if travelling by car.

5.  Take your business cards with you to give to selected Brand contacts.  Do not give them out to everyone otherwise you may spend a lot of time answering unwanted emails and calls later.

6.  Which clothing are you wearing on the day?  Travel light and wear flat shoes!  Cross body bag is best as it leaves your hands free.  You get given a bag at most events for you to carry around brochures etc.

7.  Take a notepad and pen so that you can document what you have bought and learnt, or use your phone!

8.  Take some snacks and water.  The food there is not always the best!



1.  Get there early and have a 10 minute breather or coffee before you start your buying.  Identify where your brands of interest are and plan your route.

2.  If visiting the majority of the stands, then walk methodically from one side to the other e.g. going up and down each row.  A good navigator friend is always beneficial otherwise you could keep doubling up on the stands you visit.

3.  Do not dawdle, otherwise you may run out of time.  It is not Sunday shopping.  Lol!  

4.  Stick to your budget!  There are many temptations but do you really need them for your shop?  Remember to take pictures of what you bought as they can add as a refresher later!

5.  Attend some talks if you have time.

6.  Have fun!



1.  Yes you made it through your first Tradeshow!  Review what you have bought.  Do you need to make any changes?  Some give you a week to ten days to notify them, so act fast.

2.  If you haven't heard anything in a week or two then follow up with the Brand.


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