Meeting the King!

Meeting the King!

Gosh what a night!  I was lucky enough to have been nominated to attend a reception with other small business owners at Buckingham Palace.  It was truly a pinch me moment & one that everyone in the room will never forget!

We were lead to the Picture Gallery and given champagne to sip & cute canapés to sample.  As I spoke with other business owners the Earl of Wessex casually walked over & started to engage in conversation with us.  He was instantly likeable and chatted for a good few minutes.

The Ladies in Waiting circulating the room were very interesting & gave us little snippets of information of their service to the late Queen.

We were all unaware of when King Charles entered the room. However everyone was suddenly striving to speak with him & fortunately he came over and put out his hand so that I could shake it & chatted for a couple of minutes.  I even did a curtsy and asked him to visit my boutique!  He was very jovial & asked about my work. I asked him to come & visit my boutique in Petersfield. I’m not sure if he will but you never know.

I think we all left on cloud nine despite the weather outside and felt even more determined to follow our dreams!

{Wearing Hope & Ivy Ginerva Dress from Velvet & Rose}!

If you would like to hear more about the day then take a listen with my interview with Petersfield Shine Radio.  Here is the link:


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