Our Brands

Our Brands

It is always nice for a customer to know the story about the brands that they buy.  Where are they made?  Are they Italian, Scandinavian or British?  What style does the brand convey?  Are they affordable?  What do they do with regards to sustainability?  When we take on brands for Velvet & Rose, these are some of the key questions that we ask including the most important one, will our customers like it?

We love stocking British brands and the majority of our brands are British e.g. Alie Street, Kooky Two, Patchouli Fair, Chilly's and Hope & Ivy!  Whilst some do produce their goods in Great Britain, some do reach out globally for their manufacturing needs.  We are okay with this but only as long as they do so with global environmental sustainability in mind. 

Our non-British brands are dominated by the Scandinavian brands via Cream, Mos Mosh and Soaked in Luxury as an example.  They convey style, beautiful prints and a point of difference which our customers enjoy.  In fact we hear every day our customers saying your clothes are so different, they are beautiful.  We love hearing this!  

We also sell brands from Italy, Turkey etc.  We sell across different price points, since no two customers are the same.  We have every day clothing as well as special occasion clothing.  Our jewellery is very popular since it is affordable and looks good!  One of our customers wears our jewellery every time she goes out.  It is so sweet to hear this.

We've started to add a little description within our brand collections on our website.  We hope that this will give you a bit of insight behind the brands you buy.  If you think that we've missed anything do let us know!

We love what we sell and we hope you do too!


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