Our First Ever Style Clinic

Our First Ever Style Clinic


Do you often compare yourself to others who you feel are more stylish, glamorous or bold?  Do you wonder how some people just look effortlessly put together?  If the answer is "Yes!" then join us at our first ever Style Clinic to help you understand more about your own personal style.

It is natural for us to compare ourselves to others, especially when it comes to the way we look and dress, but this can be the thief of joy!  Knowing your personal style should take away the need for comparison and replace it with confidence.  Confidence in yourself, because you are expressing who you are.

We are excited to introduce our first ever Style Clinic at Velvet & Rose in collaboration with Alex from @theenoedit.  Alex will be giving tips on discovering your own personal style so you can shop with confidence and build a wardrobe of clothes that really reflects who you are. 

It is a free session and you can also pre-book free mini 1-1 with us for after the session.  Do RSVP us at VelvetandRoseUK@gmail.com so that we can get a idea of numbers and feel free to bring a friend!

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