Jeans Rise Measurement

Jeans Rise Measurement

What is Rise in Jeans Terminology?

Well, the Rise is the measurement taken from the middle of your crotch area (crotch seam) to the top of the waistband on your jeans.  It helps you decide where you want your jeans to sit!

What are the Different Rises?

There are 3 main types:  Low, Mid and High.  Low rise jeans typically sit at your hips; Mid between your hips & belly button and High sit at or above your belly button. 

What do they measure?

Low is approximately less than 9 inches, Mid 9 to 12 inches and High Rise is above that.  

Why are there Different Rises?

Having different rises allow you access to different types of tops or styles.  It opens you up to wearing crop tops with a high rise or a longer knit with a low rise or maybe you want to tuck a top in?  It also allows you to choose the level of comfort!  Most people flatter a mid rise so that their tummy is smoothed out giving you a flattering look.  They also allow you to do more physical activities as you won't be hitching the jeans up.  Low rise are best for those with a flatter tummy or want to look more casual in a low slung look and high rises give you full coverage as they cover your hips and tummy.  Do try on all styles so that you know which you prefer!

How can I find the Best Fit?

When you are looking for jeans, ensure that you know what your measurements are so that you can gauge where the jeans will sit on you.  Product descriptions on websites may let you know too or ask the shop owner.  

It is always best to try on jeans.  At Velvet & Rose we are always happy to help you find the perfect fit for jeans.  Our brands such as Mos Mosh are represented in a variety of styles, fits & size.  Ultimately although the rise is important, it is the overall fit which you have to bear in mind, as you want to make good use of your jeans by wearing them in lots of different styles.

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