Velvet & Rose Gift Cards

Velvet & Rose Gift Cards
Sometimes it is really hard to figure out what to buy someone!  Even though you might know them really well, you know that they have a certain taste in clothing or accessories which can be hard to get right.  At Velvet & Rose even our loved ones occassionally get things wrong.  So we thought that you could give them a gift card!  We have gift cards already in store but not everyone can get to our boutique in Petersfield.  So these new ones are for our online shop only.
We have lots of different nominations starting from £10 and these are purchased just like any other products on our website.  You simply add it to your cart, pay for it and then receive an email which you forward onto them.  You could also print it out and present to them separately!  They then use the code on the email to redeem at check-out.  If their item is less than the value of the gift card they will have to use a different way of paying.  There is no expiry date to the gift card so they can keep it until they want to use it!  The gift card can also be used with other offers which our subscribers get access to and/or which are running at the time!
If you have any further questions about our new gift card, do write to us at!
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