Yay, We are Back Open!

Yay, We are Back Open!
It is so lovely to be back open!  We have received a warm reception in town and lots of kind wishes!  Do pop by and say hi if you are passing by!  If you have never been to Petersfield then find your way to Waitrose; not far from the train station and once in the car park, look to your right.  You can then walk down the lovely Bakery Lane and find us in front of you in Chapel Street!  There are many other independent shops in town and lots of lovely places that we can recommend to you where you can eat or drink!  Or if you fancy a nice walk then we can suggest those too!
We will keep you as safe as we can!  You can try on clothing.  We do not have to quarantine them but we do air them, just in case.  If you have any questions, then do feel to call us on 01730 858230!
Kind Regards,
V & R

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